Special Features PR2: Amy Hale

This is Amy Hale's first time working in New Pulp, and what a supernatural yarn she has for you in the pages of Pulp Reality 2. Take a moment and meet such an amazing and accomplished writer.

Special Features PR2: Brian K Morris

Brian K. Morris is a champion for indie writers everywhere. But he's also a renown author in His own right. From pulp, to sci-fi he is a skilled wordsmith and an all around nice guy (Just don't ask his wife Cookie). 

Special Features PR2 Bobby Nash

Bobby Nash is a die hard writer of everything. From Pulp, to sci-fi to crime drama, to comics... he has it all covered. With Pulp Reality 2 he offers readers a short story featuring his Snow character from the popular book series of the same name.

Special Feature PR2: Ron Fortier

Ron Fortier is best known for his work on the comic book Green Hornet from Now Comics in the 1990's. He will be appearing in Pulp Reailty 2 with a story called the Wind-Up Kid.

Special Features PR2: Clyde Hall

Clyde Hall is an exceptional author. His B-Man stories set the bar pretty high. Here is a chance to get into his writing process.

Special Features PR2: Jeffrey Ray Hayes

The multi talented Jeffrey Ray Hayes takes you through a timelasp of his outstanding work for Marlin Whilliams' story "New Flesh on Old Bones."